Aamir Khan owns 2016 with his victorious sports movie Dangal.

Aamir Khan’s movies are always taken as an experiment. His movies entertain his audience with a new concept every time on the screen. In his Dangal movie also he had put in a lot of efforts in playing the dual roles one as the young star and the other as the older one. It is highly appreciated the way he put his efforts in both gaining weight and losing weight to play those roles. Dangal has become a very famous sports movie in recent times. Even though its collections were slow in the beginning but later it has improved a lot. There is a great praise for the movie in social media and also from his Bollywood celebrities.  Dangal has become the film of the year.

The movie was mainly focused on the determination of a sports man and it also highlights about the women empowerment. Aamir Khan did complete justice to his role in the movie as Mahavir Singh Phogat who was a failed wrestler rough-hewn but very caring in nature as a husband and as a father of four girls.

We can see the efforts put by every actor in the film. The one who saw the movie on big screen felt the real people who are so passionate about the sport.  We could feel the real blood, sweat and tears of a father who wanted to see his daughters as the real champions. Over all we could say that the movie started getting its fame very slowly but now it has got many fans into its account. In the year 2016, Dangal can be put under the list of one of the best sports movie which gained many fans into its account.