Adah sharma defends herself

Prashanth Varma’s Kalki is doing a good business. Starring Rajasekhar and Adah Sharma, the film is able to keep the audience on the edge of their seats with the thriller. However, the lead actress Adah is getting criticised for her lesser screen-time.

Reacting to it, Adah says that she doesn’t have any qualms about it. “In my first film, Heart Attack, I had more screen time, so naturally everyone’s started comparing every role with that film. It’s what you do with the role and how audiences receive it. And Kalki has been branded as a Rajasekhar’s film,” Adah says.

She further adds, “Gone are the days when an actor looked at the screen time in a film. It’s all about looking at a film in its totality. Moreover, director Prasanth Varma wanted me to be my natural self, and the film is everyone’s effort and we all have to carry the director’s vision.” Adah goes on to praise her co-actor Rajasekhar, calling him a through professional.