After Naidu, RGV targets Modi

Over the past few months director, Ram Gopal Varma has been targetting Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. It is already known that Telugu Desam party members made sure that Varma’s film Lakshmi’s NTR didn’t get released in AP on March 29th. Later, he planned to release it on May 1st.

But, he also failed to do so as the election code is still in force. Varma stated that Babu is the one behind all this drama and he is curbing the democracy in Andhra. But TDP failed to respond on that. Interestingly, Varma now shifted his focus on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This morning, he tweeted a photo of Narendra Modi pulling the ears of kid and Hitler pulling the ear of a kid. He captioned it as ‘Same to Same.’ By this, he hinted that Modi is similar to Hitler. Well, that is a big remark but the BJP officials are yet to respond on it.

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