AP & TS: Theatres to remain closed in November also

The central government of India has given permission to reopen the theatres in the country. In some states, the theatres are fully functional with limited occupancy. However, the theatres in both the Telugu states remained closed. The ongoing reports in the media reveal to us that there is no chance for the reopening of theatres in the Telugu states even in November.Theatres
The bigwigs of the Tollywood film industry planned to meet the government officials and the cinematography minister to discuss the same but their meeting is not going to happen because of the floods in Hyderabad. All the government officials and ministers are completely occupied with the flood relief activities and it is not the right time to discuss the situation of theatres.AP & TS- Theatres
On the other hand, some of the distributors and producers are in a mood to wait some more time. They do not want the theatres to get reopened anytime soon. The major concern for the distributors is that they can’t earn great money with limited occupancy. The producers also can’t risk releasing new movies.
In this scenario, some crucial meetings might take place soon to arrive at a conclusion on the reopening of theatres.

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