Apple iPhone 8 with Dual SIM ports Launch in 2017

apple-iphone-8-display-size-rumorsWho wouldn’t like to have an iPhone? Here comes an exciting news from Apple for all those who waited long to buy one. Apple for the very first time will be coming up with a stylus based phone which would set a prominent position in the line-up of their previous smartphones on its 10th anniversary in the year 2017. 10 years ago, Apple founder Steve Jobs made it clear that Apple iPhone does not need a stylus and with the growing competition from Samsung and LG. Apple is looking forward to making some significant changes going over the board to make their upcoming iPhone 8 a standout device. Apple has been seen filing for a patent to make use of a stylus for iPhone.

There are several rumors spreading across related to the features of Apple iPhone 8. There were many rumors as such even in the case of iPhone7. The rumor that Apple iPhone will have Apple pencil feature and it is a dual sim device. People out there are waiting for these features to have in iPhone 8 as it will add great value to the iPhone’s functionality. One can access items even when the screen is locked. Let’s hope this rumor turns true. Apple has patent related to the technology used for the priority between two SIM cards. It is mentioned in the technology patent that the card used for call will have the priority over the slot used for data.

The technology, functionality and patent descriptions seem to be so exciting for the smartphone users but it is still unclear whether Apple would Implement the features mentioned in the patent in its upcoming iPhone 8. So, let’s wait for the iPhone 8 which would be launched in the second part of 2017, most preferably in the month of November with the advanced features. There is no concrete news on the release date and advanced features which might also be preserved for the future devices from Apple in the coming years.