Balayya fans disturb Naga Babu Chennai meet

Nagababu and Balakrishna’s verbose war of words is ensuing with each passing day. While the celebrities maintain the camaraderie with each other even after passing the hard-hitting comments. Ironically it is the stars respective fans who indulge in war and cause serious trouble.

In one such instance, Nandamuri fans, to say categorically Balayya’s fans have disturbed Nagababu’s meet in Chennai. The viral clip shows Balakrishna’s fans sloganeering Jai Balayya during Nagababu’s speech. In the entire video what Nagababu is trying t say is unheard as the Balakrishna fas overpower Nagabu. Have a look at the video:

Jai Balayya Echos At Nagababu Meeting In Chennai