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Bhairava Geetha Review: Only Performances Are Saving Grace

Cast: Dhananjay , Irra Mor, Raja Balwadi

Director: Siddhartha Thatholu

Producer: Abhishek Nama and Bhasker Rassi

Music Director: Ravi Shankar

Cinematographer: Jagadeesh Cheekati

Editor: Anwar Ali

Bhairava Geetha review

Bhairava Geetha bankrolled by Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) has been in the news for bood and raw content. While, the filmmakers previous films were dud, how this movie produced by him has turned out to be seen.


Debutante Geetha(Irra Mor) belongs to a factionalism family. Bhairava (Dhanunjaya) works as henchman under Geetha’s father Subba Reddy (Balarajwadi). Geetha after completing her studies comes to her home where she is head over heels with Bhairava. Geetha’s father sense about there love story plans to marry off Geetha to Keshava Reddy (Bhaskar Manyam)’s son Katta Reddy (Vijay Ram). How the two escape from the clutches of Balarajwadi who wants to kills Bhairava forms the Crux of the story.


Kannada actor Dhanunjaya done a terrific job.He has played the role aptly while, actress Irra too showcased that she isn’t only a glam doll but has a substance.
Balarajwadi and Bhaskar Manyam were okay while Vijay Ram was over board with his dramatic histrionics.


Talk about RGV then one is sure to witness raw, rustis and gruesome epsiodes. And this flick is no difference. Cameraman Jagadeesh Cheekati gave bestshots giving us the glimpses of rawness Rayalaseems consists of. Music composer Ravi Shankar failed to create the impact as most of the BGM was repetitive of the period drama Baahubali. Taking about the captain of the ship, Siddhartha’s directorial debut is not impressive unlike the buzz it earned. Though routine plot is chosen and tried to address the problem caste plagued by our society, his narration falls weak in the second half. Nevertheless, we could dub it as a tribute to RGV by trying to create an impact what he usually portrays on the celluloid.

Too many kisses also can’t save this jaded film.


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