What’s Happening To Bhairava Geetha?

Chips are completely down for RGV. His last outing Officer could not even get minimum shares. Whatever collections it got were not even enough for paying up theatre rents and publicity costs. So, Varma turned a producer. His latest production ‘Bhairava Geetha’ created quite a buzz with interesting promos. But the film release is being postponed repeatedly for some inexplicable reasons. He said he would release the film finally on December 7. But, only Kannada version could be released. The Telugu version is now rescheduled to December 14.

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As for the Kannada version of the film, it got positive reviews. The ToI gave it 3.5 rating. Most reviewers gave similar ratings. The unanimous verdict is that though the story is run-of-the-mill, the taking by new director Siddhartha is terrific. He appears to be deeply influenced by RGV. Hero Dhananjaya too has got rave reviews. But the collections are lukewarm as rival film Orange, released on the same day, got super hit talk.

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