Changure Banagaru Raja Movie Review

Starring: Karthik Ratnam, Satya, Ravi Babu, Goldie Nissy, Nitya Sri, Ester Noronha and others
Director: Satish Varma
Producer: Ravi Teja
Music Director: Krishna Saurabh
Cinematographers: Meherbaba and Ajju
Editor: Karthik Vunnava
Release Date : September 15, 2023

Changure Banagaru Raja is the latest Telugu film which has some seasoned actors in key roles. Read our review to know if the film is even worth watching or not.


In the quaint village of Duggada, Narsipatnam, Bangarraju (Karthik Ratnam) makes a living as a bike mechanic. Here, a relentless quest for colored stones dominates everyone’s attention. However, a simple disagreement with Somu Naidu (Raj Tirandasu) takes a dark turn when Somu Naidu is discovered dead. Bangarraju finds himself behind bars, but he doesn’t stay there for long. Determined to uncover the truth and find the real culprit, he embarks on a mission. Did he find the actual culprit behind all this in the story?


Karthik Ratnam shines with his flawless dialogue delivery, stealing the show. Satya, as Karthik Ratnam’s sidekick, delivers a commendable performance, eliciting genuine laughter with his expressions and dialogue delivery. Ravi Babu’s entry in the second half injects an extra dose of entertainment, and the supporting cast delivers solid performances.

What’s Good

Comedy scenes
Ravi Babu and Satya

What’s bad

Silly logics
Lack of proper character depth


Director Satish Varma’s writing displays finesse, but the execution falls short in delivering a gripping screenplay, a pivotal element in this genre. The innovative approach of presenting the story from different perspectives loses its impact when the film’s pacing lags in both halves.

Characters portrayed by Goldie Nissy, Nitya Sri, and Ajay could have been more intricately developed to add depth to the film. Despite their on-screen presence, their contributions to the plot feel somewhat subdued. Satya’s comedic potential could have been fully harnessed to amplify the film’s entertainment factor. Additionally, the film’s sole song fails to leave a lasting impression.

The musical score by Krishna Saurabh and the cinematography by Sundar NC fulfill their requirements. However, crisper editing by Karthik Vunnava could have injected more dynamism into the narrative. Nevertheless, the film boasts strong production values.

While Satish Varma shines as a writer, his directorial prowess could have been more robust. A more engaging screenplay could have significantly enhanced the film’s overall impact and makes this film a dull watch this weekend.

Bottom Line – Nothing new


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