Chitra Kethanam – Podcast episode 1

Chitra Kethanam - Podcast episode 1

The first episode of Klapboard’s podcast series, Chitra Kethanam, discusses the contributions of filmmaker H M Reddi’s home banner Rohini Pictures and director-producer Ghantasala Balaramaiah’s banner Pratibha Pictures. The banners went onto produce several reputed films like Bhakta Prahlada, Mugguru Maratheelu, Balaraju, Sri Lakshmamma Katha, Swapna Sundari and Rechukka to name a few.

About the series:

Chitra Kethanam, a Klapboard podcast series, is a humble attempt to trace the origins of Telugu cinema through some of its most illustrious production houses that have lead by example, telling stories that matter while also adequately engaging audiences. These are banners that have unearthed the finest talent to have come out of Telugu cinema over the years and this initiative attempts to document their contributions and give them their deserved due.

About the host:

S V Rama Rao, noted Telugu cinema historian, writer, filmmaker, talk-show host, often nicknamed the encyclopedia of the Telugu film industry for the wealth of knowledge he possesses about the visual medium. Known for his firm, assertive voice, he is a household name across all forms of media – television, print, radio – attached to any initiative to trace the history of Telugu cinema. He has won multiple Nandi awards for his literary contributions and has been a witness to changing trends of Telugu cinema across multiple decades.

Music courtesy: Saregama India Limited
Balaraju – Teeyani Vennela Reyi, Cheliya Kanarava
Sri Lakshamma Katha – Haayiga Veenula Vinduga
Swapna Sundari –  Saguma Saahini, Neesari Neevele
Rechukka – Bhale Bhale Paavurama, Aa Manasemo As Sogasemo
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