Dr Swamy supports media in fight against drug nexus

Since the past couple of days, Rhea Chakraborthy has been getting support from her colleagues i.e film stars who were abusing the journalists for ‘witch hunting’ her and pronouncing her guilty even before the judgement. It is true that the drug nexus and Sushant’s death case is occupying prime time and the investigative agencies have also admitted that with the help of the media trial and some exposes, they have been able to make some major breakthroughs. The media is doing their job and they should be allowed to do so. Dr Subrmanian Swamy in his latest Tweet has requested the people of India not to make their country another Colombia which is infested with drugs.

Dr Subrmanian Swamy Right now the drug peddlers are being pulled out and a link is being established to an international drug mafia and only because of media uproar, the pressure is being applied on the governments. He doesn’t want the channels and people who suddenly changed tune and are speaking pro Rhea to put the country in jeopardy. He Tweets, “Why have some TV channels changed their cacophony about the treatment of Rhea Chakraborthy? Is it fear that the drug market meander to some of them? Narcotics ruined the nation of Colombia. Let us not allow this to happen to India through the gagster gangs.”

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