End Of The Road For Srinu Vaitla?

Director Srinu Vaitla appears to have lost his direction. He seems unable to even judge the stories. We thought Aagadu was an aberration. But, follies are continuing to happen. Bruce Lee, Mister and Amar Akbar Antony show that his screenplay has gone from bad to worse and his creativity has become too routine and predictable.

He has managed to rope in big names, he has failed to work up the magic that he is famed for. After Mister’s disaster, many producers took back the advances they gave him. The situation has come to such a pass that he had to do Amar Akbar Antony without making any demand. In fact, he got this opportunity only because of Ravi Teja’s insistence. Though Vytla believed he made a decent flick, the audience thought otherwise and the film has now been declared a disaster.

Now, given this situation, no producer or big hero might come forward to work with him. Many directors fall into this image trap. They go out of touch with current trends and make a run of the mill fares. As a result, they go out of currency. One only hopes, Srinu Vytla gets back his magic touch sooner.