Everything seemed fine but it crumbled: Arbaaz on split with Malaika

Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora were considered one of the power couples of Bollywood, however their separation putting their 17-years marriage to an end sent shock waves to many. Arbaaz has now opened up on slit stating, “Everything seemed fine but it crumbled. Things don’t work out, and it’s only fair that two people who want to take their life in their own hands will take that decision.”

Ask him if he would endorse marriage, he asserts stating, “Of course, I would. This institution has gone on for hundreds and thousands of years. It’s like if you know that you’re going to die, you won’t stop living. Of course, the times are changing, even in the past people didn’t get married.”

Post their split, Arbaaz is seen dating Giorgia Andriani while Malaika is said to be in secret relationship with Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor. Ask Arbaaz about the aftermath of split, he says, “When you are living alone then you tend to take life casually. You can either change for the better or probably for the worst. You can get addicted to a bottle or you may think that there is nothing left in your life. Fortunately, I was not in that mindset and my partner encourages me to remain positive and go ahead in life”.