Exclusive: The Butta Bomma story – Lyricist Ramajogaiah Sastry recollects the effort that went into the viral number!

Y Sunita Chowdhary

Have we ever wondered why a simple song like Butta Bomma had become famous overnight and is still being lapped up by people around the globe? Lyricist Ramajogaiah Sastry had in all humility attributes its popularity to teamwork. He tells Klapboardpost.com that product from conception to packaging needs a lot of people with craftsmanship. They add their value which is why it stands out. Be it Allu Arjun’s passion and inputs, Thaman’s remarkable music, the signature steps of choreographer Jani Master, the set designs, it could be just about anything that could have pushed the standards of the song.

“All music and cinema lovers have a child in them, they pick up the best out of five songs that have been released and they promote one. The entire album came out before the film was released and if I remember right, Samajavaragamana came out three months in advance. Undoubtedly the audio release helps the film get a great deal of publicity. Since Samaja and Ramulo Ramula came out early and became old, people needed something latest and fresh to latch onto,” says the lyricist dispassionately while analysing its success.

Samajavaragamana is a hit but the video didn’t help it, as it is not based on choreography. Ramulo Ramula bordered on a mass level. The dance was crowded with four families playing to the tune and the attention obviously was divided. Here, in the case of Butta Bomma, everything fell in place. As surprising as it sounds, the song didn’t seem to have any language barriers at all and reached all corners of the globe – be it cricketers David Warner or Kevin Peterson or actresses Shilpa Shetty or Simran, everyone made videos on Tiktok and Instagram and took its popularity to a new level altogether.

The lyricist had written Butta Bomma in two days, he further explains, “We work hard for all songs but only one gets the glory. You coax a kid into having his food while playing the music. That video is recorded and uploaded on Youtube and that goes viral, there are many more such videos that caught on and started trending in no time. Though the song like Butta Bomma sounds simple and colloquial i.e, the girl giving her consent to the boy, building matter around such a simple situation isn’t an easy job as you will definitely find a sense of déjà vu. The producer and director should like the song. I guess, when a situation in a song is stereotyped, we tend to rate it up. We just have to catch the magic and essence in such songs, though it takes time it will definitely turn popular. Lucky ga ee paata ki kudirindi.”

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