Harikrishna Selfie Row: 4 Staff Members Sacked From Job

The four staff members of Kamineni Hospital at Narkatpally have been removed from the job for their inhumanitarian act by taking the selfie with Harikrishna’s dead body. “We have dismissed the four from service effective today. The hospital staff and administration apologiseS to the public for this insensitivity on the part of the said individuals,” said a hospital spokesperson.

Kamineni Staff Members Taking Selfie Condemned

The four staff members had clicked the selfie with a grin and the picture went viral after two days. After it caught the wind of netizens on social media, it sparked outrage calling them an insensitive and inhumane act to perform ever. The people have condemned their behaviour and demanded stringent action against the staff members. Subsequently, the hospital administration has sacked from their posts. Here are the comments wrote by some angry netizens:

“What they did is sick. But is it correct to share that pic on Facebook, though as a news?” 

This is too bad and can’t believe. We are living in this society and can go such low”

On August 29, Harikrishna died after he met with a road accident at Annaparthi road near Narketpally. Notably, Harikrishna died a few days ago from his birthday which falls on September 2. Meanwhile, do you know what was the actor’s last wish? Harikrishna has penned an open letter to his fans which has now gone viral. In the letter, Harikrishna requested his fans to refrain from extravaganza celebrations to prevent them from wasting money. Instead, he asked his fans to donate the amount to Kerala floods which help them in rebuilding their lives.

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