Here’s What You Know About Sarkar 49P

AR Murugadoss Sarkar, Diwali release, has evoked a hornet’s nest. While the film landed in soup, it, however, sensitized public about 49P whihc has been one of the Google trends. The section 49P deals with the Elections rules where a person used this to fight a legal battle when someone has already cast your vote as yours.

In the film Sarkar, Vijay who is a corporate CEO comes to cast his vote when he realises about the goof up when someone else has cast his vote. Following which, Vijay uses 49P to fight for his right. This has certainly come in handy ahead of election time.  Meanwhile, AR Murugadoss in a tweet opened up about all the ruckus that has been happening over the news of his arrest. “Police had come to my house late tonight and banged the door several times. Since I was not there they left the premises. Right now I was told there is no police outside my house,” he posted.

Sarkar 49P Trends On Google