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Kaliyugam Pattanamlo Movie Review: A breezy entertainer with good twists

Review Kaliyugam Pattanamlo

Director: Ramakanth Reddy

Cast: Vishwa Karthikeya, Ayushi Patel, Chitra Shukla

Production: Nani Movie Works, Rama Creations

Release Date: March 29

Rating: 3/5

Synopsis:”Kaliyugam Pattanamlo” delves into the lives of Mohan, Kalpana, and their twin sons, Vijay and Sagar, residing in Nandya. While Vijay is timid, Sagar exhibits psychopathic tendencies. As the story unfolds, Shravani falls for Vijay, leading to a series of unforeseen events. With a police officer intervening to address the rising atrocities, the film explores the dynamics between the characters and the underlying horrors in the town.

Performance:Vishwa Karthikeya impresses with his portrayal of Vijay and Sagar, showcasing remarkable versatility. Ayushi Patel delivers a commendable performance, particularly in the first half, while Chitra Shukla shines in the latter part of the film. Supporting cast members, including Naren, contribute effectively to the narrative.

Analysis:Director Ramakanth Reddy adeptly presents a compelling narrative set in Kali Yugam Town, delving into the intricacies of crime and its repercussions. The screenplay keeps viewers engaged with its intriguing storyline, offering a blend of mystery and suspense. While the first half captivates with its enigmatic setup, the second half may lack momentum at times. However, the plot twists in the climax ensure a gripping finale, prompting introspection on the impact of parenting on society.

Technical Aspects:”Kaliyugam Pattanamlo” excels in its technical aspects, with Ajay’s music enhancing the overall cinematic experience. Charan’s cinematography captures the essence of the narrative effectively, albeit with occasional verbosity in dialogues. The production quality is commendable, with naturalistic settings lending authenticity to the film.

Verdict:”Kaliyugam Pattanamlo” offers a captivating cinematic journey, exploring themes of crime, parenting, and societal dynamics. While it may falter in pacing during the second half, the film compensates with its intriguing plot twists and strong performances. Overall, it stands as a noteworthy addition to the suspense thriller genre, deserving of recognition for its thought-provoking narrative and technical finesse.

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