Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu review

Release Date
December 12, 2019

Direction: Ram Gopal Varma Star
Cast: Brahmanandam, Ajmal Ameer, Ali Produced By: T Sridhar, T. Naresh Kumar
Music: Ravi Shankar


Ram Gopal Varma’s controversial film Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu has hit the screens today. The movie talks about the current AP politics scenario. So was the film added existing heat to the ensuing AP assembly or was a stale unlike the hype it generated.


The entire movie revolves around the politics in Andhra Pradesh state. The movie starts off with the general elections and the consequences that took place after that. The film is like a big satire to state politics. The hero is a young politician named VS Jagannath Reddy. How he became a politician? and how he fought against all the odds? forms the rest of the story.


Ajmal Ameer as VS Jagannath Reddy went under the skin of the character and performed really well. Dheeraj KV and Dhananjay Prabhu also breathed life into their characters and has delivered the best performances in the movie. Though they don’t have any film background, they did a good job in essaying their roles. Needless to say that Ali and Brahmanandam impressed the audience with their outstanding performances in the film. Mahesh Kathi and Swapna also delivered decent performances in the film. Dhanraj, Chari, Prithviraj and Jaffar Babu made their presence felt.


The movie doesn’t have a solid story which will be the biggest minus point of this film. Director Siddharth Thatholu along with the supervision of Ram Gopal Varma focused more on the unnecessary elevations for the hero and the slow-paced narration will test the patience of the audience. The performances are decent but the story execution is very poor. The screenplay is also terrible and most of the scenes don’t have any connection. Also, the violence and the bloodshed in the film will irk some sections of the audience. Especially, the second half is extremely slow and some of the scenes are just logicless. To conclude, ‘Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu’ is just a one time watch.

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