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Krishnamma review and rating: A lackluster drama

Krishnamma review and rating Krishnamma

Satyadev’s latest venture, ‘Krishnamma,’ directed by Koratala Siva, has hit the screens, generating excitement among movie enthusiasts. Let’s delve into what this film is all about.

Story: The story revolves around Bhadra (played by Satyadev), Koti (portrayed by Meesala Lakshman), and Shiva (enacted by Krishna Teja Reddy), who share a deep bond forged through their shared experience of growing up as orphans. While Shiva stays on the right path, Bhadra and Koti get involved in smuggling activities in Vijayawada. Their lives take a dramatic turn when they are falsely accused of a crime that shakes the city. Sentenced to 14 years in prison without understanding the full story, their fate hangs in the balance. As the plot progresses, questions arise about the truth behind their arrest and Bhadra’s next move.

Performances and Technical Aspects: Satyadev delivers yet another captivating performance, embodying the essence of Vijayawada residents with authenticity and dedication. Meesala Lakshman adds humor to the narrative with his impeccable timing, while Krishna Teja Reddy’s portrayal of Shiva is commendable. Athira Raj brings grace to her role as Shiva’s love interest, enhancing the storyline. The supporting cast delivers solid performances throughout.

Cinematography by Sunny Kurupati effectively captures the rustic ambiance of the setting, complementing the storyline. The music by Kaala Bhairava is noteworthy, although the background score falls short of expectations. Editing by Tammiraju maintains a fast pace, benefiting the first half but losing momentum in the second half.

Analysis: V V Gopala Krishna’s writing successfully establishes the protagonists’ background and struggles, drawing viewers into their world. However, the narrative falters in the second half with a weakly developed revenge plot, lacking originality and depth. Despite an interesting antagonist, the climax falls short of leaving a lasting impact, rendering the overall execution uninspiring.

Verdict: Krishnamma offers a revenge drama that manages to hold attention to a certain extent, primarily due to Satyadev’s performance. However, it is hindered by a lackluster screenplay and emotional depth. While hardcore fans of action dramas may find it worth a watch, others may want to explore alternative entertainment options.

Rating: 1.5/05

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