Loyal TDP worker rebels in Babu’s home district

He is a loyal TDP worker, who strained his every nerve for the party. But, the party did not recognise his worth and work. It denied him a ticket to contest from Tamballapalli. As a result, the loyal worker has decided to become a rebel candidate. This is the story of Telugu Nadu state vice-president Katta Doraswami Naidu of Tamballapalli assembly constituency.

He administered a shock to the TDP in Tambalapalli. Naidu is ready to file his nomination papers on Friday.

Naidu has been working for the party for the past 12 years and had organised a slew of programmes to take the party to the people. In fact, he was the one who revived the party after AV family ditched the party. He stood by the party workers and motivated them to work for the development of the party. In 2014, he had worked for Shankar Yadav. But this time, he wanted the ticket. The party said No. Hurt and shocked, Naidu has now decided to become a rebel candidate.

The TDP is worried that Naidu’s contacts in Tamballapalli, his circle of relatives and friends across the constituency and his proximity to the Muslims will turn the table. The party bosses were also shocked to know that a former MLA too is backing him.