Mr. Pregnant Movie Review

Starring: Syed Sohel, Roopa Koduvayur, Suhasini Manirathnam, Raja Ravindra, Brahmaji, Ali, Harsha, Abhishek Reddy Bobbala, Swapnika
Director: Srinivas Vinjanampati
Producers: Appi Reddy, RaviReddy Sajjala, Venkat Annapareddy
Music Directors: Shravan Bharadwaj
Cinematographer: Nizar Shafi
Editors: Prawin Pudi
Release Date : August 18, 2023

Sohel, renowned for his appearance on Bigg Boss, presents his latest cinematic endeavor, “Mr. Pregnant.” The film stars Roopa Koduvayur as the female lead and has just debuted in theaters. Read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.


The narrative follows Gautam (portrayed by Sohel), an orphan and tattoo artist with a strong aversion to children. Conversely, Mahi (Roopa Kodavayur) deeply adores Gautam and proposes marriage. Gautam agrees to marry Mahi with one condition: they won’t have children. Mahi agrees, and the couple weds. However, a few months later, Mahi becomes pregnant, leading to an upset Gautam who insists on carrying the baby himself, resulting in an unconventional pregnancy. The crux of the story explores Gautam’s perplexing decision and the subsequent developments.


For Sohel, the role of a pregnant man is a dream come true, and he adeptly handles the unique character. His portrayal excels particularly when he assumes the role of a pregnant individual. While initially somewhat overzealous as a tattoo artist, his performance flourishes in the climax. Suhasini Mani Ratnam’s pivotal role is well executed, contributing to the overall quality. Roopa as the leading lady delivers a decent performance, though her emotional scenes could have carried more impact. Viva Harsha and Brahmaji provide hilarious contributions in their respective roles.

What’s Good

Sohel’s performance

What’s Bad

Initial half an hour
Dull heroine


“Mr. Pregnant” delves into the narrative of a man’s determination to carry his wife’s unborn child within him, an intriguing premise. The director, Srinivas, adeptly handles this concept, although its execution raises questions. The initial disinterest is countered by engaging emotions that unfold more effectively in the latter half of the film.

The initial segments, including the hero’s introduction, the love track, and forced humor, drag somewhat, potentially leaving viewers perplexed. Nevertheless, the introduction of the central twist – the couple’s unique pregnancy situation and Gautam’s decision – injects vitality into the story. The subsequent events, including Gautam’s convincing efforts, are portrayed skillfully. Suhasini’s character adds depth to the film, making the unconventional pregnancy more plausible.

Shravan Bharadwaj’s music composition is average with two well-shot songs. The cinematography effectively captures the urban setting and hospital-based pregnancy scenes. The lyrics are moderate, and the editing could have been tighter in the first half, potentially trimming around ten minutes. The screenplay gains momentum in the second half, where emotions resonate more strongly. Director Srinivas’ choice of a weighty subject is commendable, while the execution has both strengths and shortcomings.

In summary, “Mr. Pregnant” boasts a captivating concept and genuine emotions that warrant attention. Yet, potential viewers should brace themselves for a slow-paced opening segment lasting around forty-five minutes. If one can overlook this, the film is certainly worth experiencing.

Bottom Line- Worth a watch


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