Nagarjuna Clears Rumors

As soon as Prime Minister Modi announced that centre is banning all the 500 and 1000 rupee notes, many celebrities showered praises on him. Everyone opined that it is a brave decision from the Prime Minister. Even King Nagarjuna was one of them. This Tollywood Manmadhudu appreciated Modi for taking such a bold decision. But the Twitterati took the case of Nagarjuna by pointing him as a defaulter.

It is a known fact that Andhra Bank stated Nag as the defaulter last year. Nag came back with a strong reply today and stated that he is not a defaulter anymore. He tweeted that it is true that he took loans from the banks for the development of Annapurna Studios but he paid all the money back early this year. He clarified that he is no more a defaulter.