Ram Charan gets a Rs 38 crore home for himself

Cherry has recently got himself a swank new home, which has become the talk of the town. The home costs a staggering Rs 38 crore. It’s rare to find a south hero with such a premier and costly home.

A national channel estimated Cherry’s assets to be around Rs 1300 crore. As the only son of Mega Star Chiranjeevi, he is the owner of such a huge property. After his marriage with Upasana Kamineni, at least Rs 700 crore accrued to him. While there is no official confirmation about all these, we do know that he has asked for a share in the profits of Rajamouli’s next, where he is working along with NTR.

A Rajamouli film will rake in unbelievably high moolah and will make Cherry further much more rich. This one film is enough for him to wipe off the losses he suffered from Vinaya Vidheya Rama.

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