Review: Bhetaludu

Cast:  Vijay Anthony, Arundhati Nair, Meera Krishnan and Murugadoss

Music: Vijay Anthony

Story-Screenplay-Direction: Pradeep Krishnamoorthy

Music director turned actor Vijay Antony scored a blockbuster this year with Bichagadu. Now, he has come up with a psychological thriller Bhetaludu. The expectations are pretty high on the film and read the review to know whether it lived up to the hype or not.


Dinesh (Vijay Anthony) is a software engineer and lives with his mother. He marries an orphan named Aishwarya (Arundhati Nair) by checking on a matrimonial site. One day, all of a sudden, Dinesh feels that somebody is talking with him. He often gets disturbed by various sounds.

Looking at his abnormal behavior, his boss takes him to the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist hypnotizes Dinesh and gets to know some unknown facts about his previous birth. His name is Shastry in his previous birth and he was married to a lady named Jaya Lakshmi. Doctor also finds out that Jayalakshmi killed both Sharma and his adopted son. What happened next? Did Dinesh take revenge? How will he overcome all these problems? You have to watch the film to know the answers.



Vijay Anthony is the major highlight of this film. He acted superbly in three different shades. He has definitely improved as an actor post-Bichagadu. His fans will be pleased with this film. Arundhati Nayar fits perfectly in her role. Rest of the cast have done justice to their roles.

Thumbs up:

Vijay Anthony

Background score


Thumbs down:


Second half

Technical and overall analysis:

Everyone will think that it is a horror flick after knowing the title but it is actually a thriller film. First, it seems that the protagonist is suffering from a psychological disorder but director twists it and gives a new reasoning. His idea was good but screenplay could have been better. Whole second half goes on the toss and bores the audience. Vijay Anthony’s background score stands out. Jaya Lakshmi song crooned by him is haunting. The cinematography and editing were good.

Post Bichagadu, Vijay Anthony chooses yet another unique subject but this time, he partly succeeds in delivering an engaging film. The first half goes at a nice pace with some interesting twists but the entire story changes in the second half. Hence, one can’t expect this to be like Bichagadu but it can be watched once.

One-line verdict:

Partly Engaging

Rating: 2.5/5