Review: DJ

Allu Arjun has been flying high with super hits in his career. His new film, DJ has hit the screens today and read on to know if his winning streak continues or not.


Duvvada Jagannadham played by Allu Arjun is a Brahmin man who changes his life as Dj and decides to take on the society without anyone’s knowledge. But the same is happening on the other side as a criminal named Royyala Naidu is also find this DJ who is causing so much trouble to him. Who wins the secret war at the end is the whole story about.


Allu Arjun is the only saving graces of this film and it is because of his comedy antics the film has some good fun. He is hilarious as Duvvada and his comedy timing is at peaks.

But the heroine, Pooja Hegde walks away with all the cake as he glamourous touch will make many weak. Her skin show is spot on and she even sizzles in a bikini.  Murali Sharma is apt and so were Chandra Mohan and team. Rao Ramesh was routine and did not have much to do.

Overall analysis and technical overview:

Camerawork shows the film in an expensive manner. DSP scores full marks with his background but his music is just okay. Choreography done for Bunny is very bad as the star hero hardly dances.

Harish Shankar adds good fun in the first half with Pooja and Bunny’s antics but when he comes to the second part, the film loses all its steam.

There is nothing much left in the film and the second half falls flat on its face. Even Bunny does not have to do much here and the film does down badly. But all in all, if you are well aware of all this and do not care for stupid logics, DJ is a strictly passable fare and that too with reservations.

One Line Verdict:-

Only for Bunny fans