Review : Nagaram

The Tamil media went gungho about the latest crime thriller titled Maanagaram. The same film has now been dubbed in Telugu and has Sundeep Kishan and Regina trying their luck. Will this film give them a good break read on to find out.
The story is quite simple and is set amidst four different stories. A rash and careless youth played by Sundeep and his love story with Regina is one part. The second one is that of a software engineer who comes to make it big in Chennai.
The third story is that of a cab driver who rents a car from a deadly criminal. Last but not least is the small gang who tries to kidnap the son of a rich gang.
Imagine all these stories end up getting involved with each other. What happens next is the whole story about.
Sundeep Kishan is okay in his rustic role. He suits the mass Tamil nativity and does his bit whole heartedly. Regina has nothing to do but woo Sundeep all the time in the film.
Sri who played the soft guy is impressive. Charlie the comedian gets a serious role and is very apt for his role.There are many unknown Tamil actors who have done a decent job in their respective roles.
Technical and Overall Analysis:
Off late, Tamil films are being made quite technically and there is no denying the fact that this film is also taut in that way. The director has his own way of narrating the film with some good suspense elements going it’s way. There are certain scenes which will surely jolt and surprise you all through.
But at the same time there is so much of drag in the film which can get on to your nerves if you guess the twist. Director Lokesh gets good points for tackling a good subject in a detailed way.
Having said all this the film is quite serious and does not provide any commercial entertainment whatsoever.  So all those who are seeking masala stuff stay away from it and those who want to try out something different this weekend can give it a shot.
One line verdict:
Only for those who like dark thrillers.
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