Rocketry Movie Review

Rocketry is Madhavan’s latest presentation which he has also directed himself and produced. Read on to know if the film has any juice in it or not.


The film is a biopic of famous Indian scientist Nambiar Narayanan. He was arrested in 94 for leaking sensitive information about space projects to other countries. Madhavan plays Nambiar in this film which showcases the journey of the great man and how he came out innocent in this legal battle.


Madhavan plays the old scientist with aplomb. He has changed himself and put on a lot of weight to play this role. All this is shown quite nicely on-screen by Maddy. The inner turmoil that he goes through is the best part of Maddy’s performance. Simran plays his wife and she too was brilliant in the film. The supporting cast was not that great.

What’s Good

Second Half
Madhavan’s performance

Whats’s Bad

Slow Pace
Dull first half


Madhavan has directed this film and for a first-time director, his vision is superb. He brings out the actual story of Nambi Narayanan in the most honest manner and narrates the film in a gripping manner.

The first half is all about the scientist and how he makes a name for himself. Madhavan saves his best for the second half and makes sure the film has enough drama and emotion which is captured beautifully.

The costume design, BGM, and arresting visuals only add to the narrative. The film is surely slow but biopics are the ones that need such a tone. Madhavan has lived in the role of Nambiar and has made a fine film that will make you shed a tear or so with its very sincere approach to filmmaking.

Bottom Line – Emotion-Filled Biopic

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