Sofia Hayat Shames Pervert For Cheap Comments

Sofia Hayat, who made news from separating from her husband  Vlad Stanescu is making headlines all over again. This time the model-turned-nun had exposed a pervert for making despicable comments on her Instagram account.  She said that the pervert had asked how much would she charge for a sex and Sofia exposed and shamed the pervert.

“Wow! Are all Indian men like this in india?? Who teaches them to speak like this?? Ok..not all Indian men are so..but think about what this man has done. He is showing the world he is Indian and unfortunately the world will judge..they say Romanians are thieves..they say the British are drunks..they say Indian men are rapists..this guy should be shamed. Everyone should tag him and tell him what you think about him! I am not.afraid of idiots like this..I am ashamed that he even uses the beautiful sacred hindi language to speak such shameful things!” she posted.