Telangana govt to give film awards

Before bifurcation of the state, the government used to distribute Nandi awards to the actors and technicians of the film industry who excelled in their particular department for that year. But since last few years, Nandi awards were not being distributed. After the bifurcation, earlier both the states thought to distribute the awards jointly but as there was no response from the side of AP government, the government of Telangana has decided to start giving awards on its own.

These awards are named after the prominent cine people who hailed from Telangana. The first set of awards will be presented to the films that were released from June 2014 to December 2015. Awards for the films which released in 2016 will be presented in 2017. The date and venue of these awards will be announced very soon. Here are the categories and names of some awards.

Paidi Jayaraj award- nationally acclaimed actor/technician

Kantha Rao award- Popular actor/technician hailed from Telangana

Prabhakar Rao award- Best wholesome family entertainer film

Dasharathi award- Best lyricist

Chakri award- Best music director

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