Telltale signs he likes you

Girls, do you have a crush on the hottest guy among your friends or at the workplace?. Do you want to know he too has the same feeling on you? Here are few signs you could notice to know.


Excuse To Talk: If a guy finds an excuse to talk to you then it’s the first sign that he would want to date you or at least try to know about you deeply. When he is taking an effort to speak with you isn’t a thing to know he wants to speak with you.


Tries to impress you: If the guy is trying hard to get your attention towards him then you could think that he is putting an effort to impress you and win your heart. Beginning they may speak to you softly and once the conversation goes into a routine then you can notice he wants to spend his quality time with you.



Teasing: Since ages, we know guys will tease girls just to make an impression or make them cry. But inside they may like you and it is good sign feel happy girls if they tease you.


Compliments: The first thing every guy will do is give a compliment to girls. If you find yourself being showered by compliments then it is a good sign he wants to win your heart. Don’t you know compliments are hard to come by from men unless they really want to let you know you are special?