Telugu techie missing over 2 years lands in Pakistan custody

Telugu techie who has been missing for over 2 years has been found in Pakistan custody. The techie identified as Prashant Vaindam was missing since 2017 . He was one of the two Indian nationals arrested in Pakistan’s Cholistan for illegally entering that country. Prashant, working for a software company in Hyderabad, was missing since April 29, 2017 and his family had lodged a complaint with the police. Prashant’s father Babu Rao said on Tuesday that since then he was not in contact with the family and police could also not trace him.

Babu Rao, whose family hails from Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and settled in Hyderabad for six years, said his son’s first job was in Benagaluru, where he fell in love with a girl working in the same company. After the girl, hailing from Madhya Pradesh, moved to Switzerland, Prashant fell into depression. Pakistan media reported on Monday that Prashant along with Dharilal, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, were arrested on November 14 in a desert close to Bahawalpur district. They allegedly entered Pakistan through Rajasthan without valid documents. Babu Rao said they had no idea why he went to Rajasthan and how he came into contact with Dharilal.

“All I know is my son is not the one to indulge in any illegal activity. We appeal to Pakistan authorities to release him,” said Babu Rao, who plans to leave for New Delhi to make a formal request to Pakistan Embassy. A video message of Prashant to his parents went viral late on Monday. Speaking in his mother tongue Telugu, the youth told his parents that he hopes to be released from jail within a month.

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