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Tollywood digs deep into this hero’s past records

Hero Yash, who forayed into Telugu film industry with the dubbed version of Kannada block-buster KGF is the toast of the season. KGF, which is a wonderful mis of Masala and grandeur, wowed the Telugu audience and raked in moolah like there’s no tomorrow.

Telugu Producers Trying To Dub KGF Movie Fame Yash’s Hit Films

KGF Movie Trailer 2
With this, there is lot of craze for this hero and producers are re-calibrating themselves to cash in on KGF craze.
Now, Telugu producers are digging deep into Sandalwood to unearth Yash’s earlier films. They are trying to dub them into Telugu. But, Yash sure does not want his older films to release in Telugu as dubbed versions. He wants the KGF craze to continue and make straight films. Let’s see how things pan out.

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