Trivikram falls back upon comedy again

Trivikram’s USP is comedy. His films get guarantee collections mainly because of the comedy. In Aravinda Sametha, however, serious drama dominated the film and comedy didn’t have much space. As a result, the film did not get reasonably good collections in the overseas market.

The buyer lost heavily as the selling price was very high and even 2 million collection wasn’t enough to help him. Even in the cities, there was no repeat audience.

Now, Trivikram has realised that comedy is his forte and that he should maximise on that. So, for his next with Allu Arjun, he has put liberal doses of comedy and Sunil’s role would be the highlight of the film. Allu Arjun, who heard the story, has grown in confidence and has given Trivikram full freedom in the making. Thaman is being repeated as the music director and Pooja Hegde will play the heroine.