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Upasana not ready to fight Babai

That Cherry’s better half Upasana is an accomplished businesswoman is well-known. She is working hard for Apollo Hospitals and has even met Satya Nadella to achieve technical integration of medical services. Now, there is another news about her. The buzz is that Upasana is all set to enter politics.

upasana Konda Visweswar Reddy

Upasana’s paternal uncle Konda Visweswar Reddy, who joined the TRS when the Telangana movement was in its peak, had won from Chevella as an MP. But, few months ago, he fell out from KCR and joined the Congress. It is likely that he would be the Congress MP candidate from Chevella. To take him on, the TRS is now looking for a strong candidate and according to an English daily, KTR chose Upasana Kamineni. Given KTR’s friendship with Cherry, the daily assumed, this would become a reality. KTR feels even Maga fans too would work for her.

But, Upasana has clarified that there was no question of her contesting against her Babai. She further said that she is a mere employee of Apollo and likes her job very much. “There is no question of fighting against ‘boss’s husband,” she quipped.

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