Why dad is splurging so much on his son?

Despite not having even a single decent hit, Bellamkond Srinivas is always all guns blazing. His films have an ensemble cast, stunning babes and high budget making. Though these films fail, none appears to be worried in the least. Everyone knows that his dad and producer Bellamkonda Suresh is rock-solid behind Srinivas’ starry ambitions.

Why Bellamkond Suresh Spending So Much On Bellamkond Srinivas

His first film Alludu Seenu did fairly decently. But, due to the high production cost, it suffered a loss of around Rs 15 crore. The next four films fared similarly. It is clear that Suresh himself is financing these films and is using other producers as the front. Due to his issues with the financiers and buyers, Suresh cannot directly produce films on his own.

So, he operated from behind a facade and the namesake producers invest only a small part while Suresh invests the rest of the amount. If sources are to be believed, he had lost up to Rs 50 crore in promoting his son. But, he seems to be the least worried. He is now doing one film with director Teja and has two more projects in the pipeline. This means he has to spend at least 20 crores each. This love for the son, which is making the dad lose millions, is the talk of the town. Suresh wants to make his second son too a hero. If he pours his everything for his first son, where will he get the money from for his second son? After all, how much money does he have in his kitty and how can he remain so calm and complacent even when all his riches are evaporating?