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Zareen Khan Opens On Plus-Sized Indian Models

Bollywood actress Zareen Khan who judged plus-size models for the upcoming Lakme Fashion Week opened up on changing perception towards them. The actress herself weighed over 100-kg in college said, “It was a really good experience and I was really overwhelmed after watching this audition round because when I was in school and college, my weight was above 100 kg.”

Zareen Khan Stands Up For Plus-Size Indian Models

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“When I used to buy clothes for myself that time, I didn’t have a choice for fashion and these kind of auditions for plus-size people wasn’t there. I just felt that why it took so much time to recognise the potential of plus-size models in India as they are equally confident and enthusiastic as compared to normal looking models,” she adds.

Explaining about her style quotient, she says confidence and comfortable is what she believes in. “It is all about being confident and comfortable in whatever I am wearing. I don’t follow trends and fashion blindly, which a lot of people do and then feel uncomfortable in whatever they are wearing. So, it’s really important to be comfortable in your skin,” Zareen said.

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