Aditya 999 Shelved?

Aditya 369 is one of the landmark films in Nandamuri Balakrishna’s career. It is probably the first ever sci-fi movie made in Telugu. Though it was made in the 80s, the film still has got a great following and cult status. Some time back, it was reported that Balayya will do the sequel for this movie titled Aditya 999. Legendary filmmaker Singeetham Srinivasarao, who helmed the original, was supposed to direct the sequel too.

First, it was reported that Aditya 999 will be 100th film of Balayya. Even the legend actor confirmed the news in one of the press meets. But later, he chose to do Gautamiputra Shatakarni. Then, it was heard that Aditya 999 will be the 101st movie but Balayya then shifted his focus to Raithu with Krishna Vamshi. As he got busy with these projects, it seems that we might not witness Aditya 999 in near future.