Another trailer for Skanda to release to raise up the expectations

Tollywood hero Ram Pothineni and director Boyapati Srinu have teamed up for a movie called Skanda. Since the release of the teaser, there has been a notable lack of buzz surrounding the film.

Expectations hit an all-time low when the trailer was released, accompanied by a couple of disappointing songs composed by Thaman. Fans are growing concerned about the lacklustre promotional efforts, even from Ram himself.

Now, there’s a rumour circulating within the industry circle that the Skanda team is considering releasing another trailer filled with mass elements and impactful dialogues to appeal to the mass audience, hoping to salvage the film’s prospects in theatres.

According to reports, this new trailer is expected to debut online on the 23rd of this month. Regardless of the promotional campaign, Ram must step up and actively promote the film, especially since it marks his first PAN Indian project.

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