Ashu Reddy flaunts her assets, faces trolls

Ashu Reddy needs no introduction. She is famous on social media and has done Bigg Boss. But her lifestyle and closeness to RGV have caught the imagination of many.
A few days back, Ashu did a video where RGV was seen licking her feet. So much was said and Ashu was trolled for her vulgarness. But Ashu is not stopping and is continuing to show her hot body.
Seen in the above picture is Ashu in a Bra and looking sexy. With the costumes she wears, bags, travel, and lifestyle, everyone wants to know where the hell she is getting money from.
But Ashu is not bothered one bit and faces the trolls happily. She feels that she does not be in films or do videos. Just being hot on Insta is working so well for her and why does she stop as fans are loving her delicious avatar?
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