Baahubali Saves Om Namo Venkateshaya

It is known that one of the war footages from the magnum opus Baahubali 2 was leaked online a couple of days back. Anyways, the producers responded quickly by deleting the video on all online sites and filing a complaint. Police have arrested the culprit the next day itself.

It was Krishna, a VFX editor working in Annapurna Studios, who committed this crime. Shockingly, the cops have found the footage of Nagarjuna’s Om Namo Venkateshaya in the culprit’s laptop. However, Krishna confirmed that he didn’t share that footage with anyone. If Police wouldn’t have caught him, he would’ve released that footage too. In that way, Baahubali’s case has saved Nag’s film. Anyways, T-Town filmmakers should take utmost care of their footage to save them from the pirates.