Big B is Shantaram in Apple TV’s web series

Shantaram,a novel is written by Gregory David Roberts and is loosely based on Gregory’s life, an armed robber and a heroin addict from Australia who escaped prison and came to live in Bombay, India. Roxburgh of Australia, Radhika Apte are also working on this story. Eric Warren Singer is the writer of the web series and Justin Kerzel will direct the first two installments. The shoot will take place both in Australia and India. The book explores various sides of a person’s life: love, happiness, friendship, pain, laughter and regret. Gregory wrote the novel in 5 parts each of which teaches a different lesson.

amitabh bachchanWhat the story teaches you the most is how it is always your decision to start over, how in order to atone for your mistakes you need to forgive yourself first, come to peace with yourself first and accept everything coming your way with compassion. You need to learn to let go in order to keep moving forward. The whole point is, at every step in our life when we’re down or mistreated or betrayed, no matter how complicated decisions seem at that point, in its simplest form it’s always one of these two choices — 1. hate; which involves revenge or getting back at the person who made you feel that way. Or boasting about your success to the person who mocked your failure. And no matter what, this road always ends in a chase. It tells you that you can only be successful by making others feel like a failure, or you can only find peace if people who hate you are not at peace. It’s a lie! 2. forgiveness; or acceptance. This is a tough road. It tells you to forgive people who didn’t apologize, it tells you to accept your flaws and others’ and asks you to acknowledge it and move on. Because peace can only be found within you. Look at every day with a new hope. Let go of everything and hold on to kindness and compassion and live on!

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