Biplab Kumar Deb Aplogises For Comments On Diana Hayden

Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb had to tender an apology to former Miss World Diana Hayden, for questioning on her crowing the title 21 years ago. “I was talking about how the handlooms of the state could be marketed well. If anybody is hurt or feeling defamed, I regret this… I respect all women as my mother,” he said.

Deb’s statement received flak from all quarters and a politician said, ” Diana Hayden is an Indian woman and I think our Chief Minister’s comment has no value. It is uncalled for and does not suit a politician. “In our country, a three-year girl is raped, but there is hardly any voice against it. I ask, why would people like Asaram and Ram Rahim not be hanged? Nobody is vocal about this. I want a comment from our Chief Minister.”