Currency Demonetization Troubles Common Man

After Prime Minister Modi had announced that the centre will demonetize the 500 and 1000 rupee currency, the whole country was surprised and was also shocked at the same time. While most of the people have welcomed the decision and lauded Modi for taking such a brave step, few people have opposed the idea.

Keeping aside the debates and opinions of intellectuals, economists and politicians, the citizens have indeed faced trouble today because of the ban on higher denomination notes. Most of the people queued up in front of the ATMs last night to withdraw cash as the government announced that both the banks and ATMs to remain shut today.

People who didn’t have any lower denomination currency have faced a difficulty in buying the daily need groceries. The business of various vegetable vendors was also affected due to the sudden decision. Meanwhile, fuel stations are asking customers to fill the petrol/diesel worth 500 or 1000 and claimed that even they ran out of change. Anyway, even government said that people have to face difficulties for few days. Hence, even common citizens are also extending their support to the decision by facing the hardships rather than protesting.