Dhruva’s Climax Will Be in Suri’s Style

Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s Dhruva trailer was released a few days back and created a storm on the internet. It already clocked 3 million views within three days of its release. Going with the teaser, the film seems to be a faithful remake of the original. But it looks more stylish than Thani Oruvan.

Apparently, director Surender Reddy didn’t want to change the screenplay of the film. Instead, he took care to present the Telugu version with higher standards. In Tamil version, Aravind Swamy’s character will be more powerful than the protagonist. But in Dhruva, both Charan and Aravind Swamy share equal importance. It seems that Surender Reddy has even changed the climax. The reason behind 8 in the logo of Dhruva will be revealed in the climax. Now, this change of climax is raising more expectations on the film.