Did Nagababu act in haste?

Did Nagababu act in haste? Last time when Chiru launched Praja Rajyam, he went on an overdrive backing his bro. But, few ‘schedules’ later, Chiru merged his party into the Congress and got a ministry in the quid-pro-quo. Nagababu was left in the lurch.

Later Pawan Kalyan dawned onto the scene. He launched Jana Sena and hobnobbed with Lokesh and Chandrababu for four long years. Now, he rubbished the secret understanding to slam them in the most vicious of the terms. Now he has suddenly fallen silent. The rumour mills are saying that he has now entered into a secret understanding with the TDP.

Meanwhile, Nagababu did not of videos criticising Chandrababu and Lokesh. He used his Jabardast team to make skits and lampoon TDP. Now that Pawan has a secret deal with the TDP, what will Nagababu do? Will he criticise his sibling Pawan? Or will he train his guns on YS Jagan? Should he conveniently forget all the comments he made against Chandrababu and Lokesh? Well!! Nagababu is in a fix.