Dil Raju cooks own success formula

Dil Raju is one of the successful fillmmakers in the movie industry with back to back hits from his production. This year, he is also going to make his debut in Bollywood film industry. The producer has finally cooked his own success formula and this time, he banks highly on the remake projects.

Rhe film Jaanu, a remake of the Tamil film 96 hits the screens today. The producer cleverly did the remake by picking the right cast. At the same time, he is now remaking Pink with Pawan Kalyan and it is a huge attempt too. In Bollywood, Dil Raju produces the remake of Jersey and F2. Dil Raju also have plans to announce a couple more remake projects in Telugu and Hindi. Dil Raju understood that the remake projects are a safe bet now and he might mint heavy revenues on the same.