Exclusive : Sarkaru Vaari Paata Director Parasuram Interview

Director Parusuram shows no exaltation despite the Censor Board Panel praising the film. He has been confident right from the day one when he finalised his script. He knew he had a winner on hand and all he did was to enjoy the process of film making. From Yuvatha to Sararuvari Pata, Parusuram got better with each film but this latest one has given him a high because it has been every director’s dream to work with a super star. In a chat with Y.Sunita Chowdhary of Klapboardpost.com, Parusuram says each of the audience will see themself on screen, relate 100 percent to the character that Mahesh Babu plays when the film releases this May 11th. Excerpts from the conversation.

When did this story idea germinate?
When Geeta Govindam was under production, I thought of this plot. I always wanted to do films with star heroes but yes it has been Mahesh Babu in particular. Since I worked as an assistant to directors Puri Jagannath and Gunasekhar who both hail from Narsipatnam, their impact on me was indisputable. Even Allu Aravind would encourage me and say that I would make my mark as a director one day, and advised me to go with a full fledged story to Mahesh. After Geeta Govindam, I took time to do this.

Any research while doing a financial crime?
First of all, I saw only two English films in Narsipatnam, they are Anakonda and Titanic. I repeat I saw it in the Telugu version. My understanding of English films is weak though I am a merit student. As an AD, I remember there weren’t any subtitles and found it a punishment watching the English film and not being able to understand what was being spoken. I showed absolutely no interest in them. Sarkaruvari Pata is an event and the expression is an outcome of an emotion. This has been narrated in an entertaining way and none will escape from getting connected to the story. Earlier, in all my films, the heroes have been exploited fully and their strengths have been highlighted and at the end of the day one feels that the story has been made just for Mahesh. His behaviour, mannerisms in the story is a feast to people and specially to audiences.

What did you mean by saying that women and loan givers got to be pampered well
This happens with every couple, for example let me take my wife. If there is an issue and explain it to my wife well smoothly, there wouldn’t be any problem. If I wouldn’t she would be calling me again and again to find out why I spoke in such a manner. Same with the loan givers, he too has to be handled sensitively. Both women and loan givers shouldnt be dealt in a rough manner lest it backfires.

Nenu Vinnanu Nenunnanu has a political undertone?
From the hero’s point of view, it seems very honest. It is a genuine expression. The issue has depth and I didn’t make Mahi stress on it. I loved this line when I heard this for the first time from YS Rajashekar Reddy. I am his fan and loved what he said, there is so much meaning in it when he is trying to give assurance to his people by a few simple words. Here too the hero is giving bharosa, justifying the situation. It is an honest scene, you are actually sorry for the hero in the scene.

Samuthirakani and Subbaraju..their role? What about Mahesh Babu?

The former is a negative character and the latter too has good scope to perform. When Samuthirkani came in, I had my doubts..not as an artist but if he would justify his presence alongside a superstar. I thought of going for someone bigger but he proved me wrong, he did a fabulous job. Once he enters the frame, he is unbelievable. The First time a superstar came into my frame, every scene I had written got enhanced. I was confident that my work would reach a lot more people. The hero’s screen presence is a wonder and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of filmmaking.

Something about the character of the protagonist
He is a representative of a middle Class mind and he is someone who has financial discipline and tomorrow when you see the film, each of the audience will see themselves speaking their mind. It is a neat film, with no profanities. The dialogues are lengthy at times but it is necessary because they are strong scenes and need to be told in that manner. When you are working with stars, you need and use the space because you can pass a nice message and say something meaningful and there will be acceptance for what he says from the audience.

It is inevitable that at least one song becomes a hit before a release
This trend began with Geeta Govindam, with Inthe Inthe Inthem Kavali. The expectation that if a song becomes a hit before the release, the film will turn out to be a blockbuster. I don’t do this intentionally. My songs in all my films should have a proper lead and purpose and placement. If this is there, the song will 100 percent get a good tune and visuals automatically. Regarding the script, I compete with myself constantly, I don’t get satisfied with my script easily. Till the last minute, I keep enhancing my work and I enjoy the process. If the story lacks something, I realise it and rectify it and do it better. I don’t rely on others.

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