Friendless Chandrababu fears YS Jagan’s growing popularity?

With scams like Cash for vote, a slew of irregularities and data theft, the public anger against Chandrababu Naidu is building up like never before and Chandrababu Naidu, who fancied himself as the builder of Modern Andhra Pradesh, is now staring at a certain defeat. He is truly worried as most surveys have predicted a facile win for YS Jagan and a groundswell of support for the YSRCP. He is anxious that this election might well be the swansong for his long political career.

For nearly four years, Chandrababu had proudly claimed that the AP was getting more allocations than all other states and had even got a resolution passed to support Narendra Modi for giving a special package to the state. Now, he has done a U-Turn and is now trying to pass the buck. By blaming the BJP, he has successfully alienated its all-weather friend and is now staring at a certain defeat. He has never faced elections alone so far. So, after alienating the BJP, he tried to befriend the Left Parties. But, the Left is not interested in him anymore. It wants an alliance with Pawan Kalyan.

Another big problem is his failure to fix the candidates for the MP seats. Selecting candidates for the MP seats is becoming an unending pain. A big worry for him is Jagan’s growing popularity. During the last five years, Jagan has always remained among the people. Yet, Chandrababu has slammed Jagan saying he rarely visits AP. This is not cutting much ice with the people who have seen Jagan moving among them for the last year-and-a-half. Now, with no option left, he is trying to lure congress leaders, with whom he had an alliance in Telangana elections. Thus, he is trying to stave off a certain defeat.