Gaalodu Movie Review

Starring: Sudheer Anand, Gehna Sippy, Sapthagiri, Shakalaka Shankar, Prudvi, Satya Krishna
Director: Raja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla
Producer: Raja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla
Music Director : Bheems Ceciroleo
Cinematography : Baba Bhaskar, Anish, Venkat Deep
Editor : MSR
Release Date : November 18, 2022

Sudigali Sudheer is out with his new film Gaalodu. The film is a mass drama and read on to see if the film has any juice in it or not.


The film is about a carefree youth played by Sudheer. He kills a goon in his village and lands in Hyderabad. There he is saved by a beautiful girl played by Gehna Sippy. She falls in love but Sudheer is not serious. Upon this, the girl’s father also does not like the match and tries to spoil it. How all these issues get cleared and how the hero becomes a changed man is the story of the film.


There is no denying the fact that Sudheer has a good following. He dances so well and has a good screen presence as well. But he overreacts to no extent in the film. There are so many hero elevations in the film that you get bored watching Sudheer overact after a while. The heroine Gehna Sippy and Saptagiri are the ones who make some sense in the film with her sincere act. The rest of the cast is also not worth mentioning here as they are so bad.

What’s Good


What’s Bad

lack of villain


The film is about a man who is not at all serious in life. This aspect is established well in the proceedings. But from the time Sudheer lands in Hyderabad, he behaves as if he owns the city. The scenes are so tacky and do not make sense one bit as the narration is so silly.

In all this, what makes some sense is the music by Bheems. He induces solid tunes and the numbers are also shot well. But the broing drama and forced scenes are so many that one gets bored. There is no emotional touch in the film and the manner in which Sudheer becomes a good boy also looks fake.

When cinema is changing rapidly, the way Telugu directors are taking things granted is shown in this film called Gaalodu. There is no seriousness as the hero overacts until the last scene of the film and the end is never coming. Just avoid this film and look for some better options.

Bottom Line – Lacks basic sense

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