Gali Sampath trailer hits the right note -Goes viral

Anil Ravipudi is ready with his latest film Gali Sampath which he has presented, written, and also supervised from the start. The film has Sree Vishnu and Rajendra Prasad in lead roles and today the makers released the trailer.Gali Sampath trailer
From the first scene itself, the trailer is filled with a lot of fun. Rajendra Prasad is shown as Sree Vishnu’s father who stammers all the time. The way the veteran actor shows this glimpse is also very good to see. But the trailer a u-turn halfway as a superb conflict is unleashed. The trailer shows Rajendra Prasad trying to dominate Sree Vishnu to fulfill his wish in life which of acting in films. The drama that is derived from all this between the father and son is so good to see and makes this trailer quite engaging.

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